• Looking for Wireless?
    We provide High Density Wireless Networks, both temporary & permanent for exhibitions and conferences. Internet, data and video can be sent. Building to building or PTMP networks for 5 to 5000+ simultaneous users can be designed and fitted onsite for your event.
  • PowerPoint Uploader.
    The easy way to receive your speakers presentations. Your speakers upload files direct from their computer to our webserver via a portal page branded for your event. This avoids all corporate firewall and email issues. The presentation file is automatically indexed, a report listing all details is available to check who's uploaded what and when. Massive 4GB file limit per file, no restrictions on how many files can be uploaded. Free speaker help guides and video demonstrations can be placed on your branded upload page if you want them. The powerpoint files can then be delivered to site or downloaded via secure ftp. Please email us for more info or a demo.
  • Live Ipad/Android Conference Streaming Presenter.
    Use our setup to send your PowerPoint or Keynote slides directly to these portable devices in real time, even if they contain videos! All the Ipads will play back simultaneously. Make your presentation in any program your currently using. Ideal for road shows where you may not have the space for a main screen or your looking to do something a bit different.
  • Internet Everywhere.
    SmartWiFi Satellite Internet, bonded speeds upto 100Mb available Broadband speed internet anywhere across Europe
  • Exhibition Wireless
    Provide reliable internet for delegates, exhibition stands, sales offices and press office. In fact we can give internet to anyone for any reason. We add extra value by utilising our wireless when installed to push video to plasmas around the exhibition to relay information, session times or just for advertising purposes. Ask us about wireless main room relays to plasma screens dotted about a venue.
  • PlaybackPro sets the standard for full high-definition and standard definition playback. It surpasses the capabilities of DDRs, DVD players and video tape machines, and is tailored to the unique demands of the professional presentation industry

SmartWiFi Mobile

Welcome to our mobile site. Please have a look about. If you think we may be able to help or you have any questions please ask away.

Welcome to SmartWiFi

Hello. Welcome to SmartWiFi.

We supply IT resources to the events industry. Our main role is to provide high speed, reliable, wired and wireless networks for conferences and exhibitions 

We're just building this website, there will be spelling mistakes and sentences that make little sense. I'll get around to fixing that shortly.

But now your here please stay and have a look around, if you have any questions give us a shout.

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VGA recording laptops to record your next conference.  Available now. Click Here

PowerPoint Laptops

Conference Laptops
Configured for PowerPoint 2013


No Network? No Problem

Use our wireless mesh to distribute data, video and internet around a exhibition centre. The fastest way to reliably cover a large area quickly.


PowerPoint & Keynote Recording

Synchronise your PowerPoint and Keynote presentations with Audio and save them live as a MP4