• Looking for Wireless?

    We provide High Density Wireless Networks, both temporary & permanent networks for 5 to 5000+ users

  • PowerPoint Uploader

    The easy way to receive your speakers presentations. Users upload files direct from their computer, the file automatically indexed, a report listing all details is available to check who's uploaded what. Massive 4GB file limit per file, no restrictions on how many files can be uploaded.

  • High Density Wireless

    Perfect for Apple iPhones, iPads and Android Voting Systems

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  • Internet Everywhere

    SmartWiFi Satellite Internet, bonded speeds upto 100Mb available

    Broadband speed internet anywhere across Europe

  • Exhibition Wireless

    Provide internet for delegates, stands, sales office, press office. Ask us about wireless main room relays to plasma screens dotted about a venue

SmartWiFi Mobile

Welcome to our mobile site. Please have a look about. If you think we may be able to help or you have any questions please ask away.

Welcome to SmartWiFi

Hello. Welcome to SmartWiFi.

We supply IT resources to the events industry. Our main role is to provide high speed, reliable, wired and wireless networks for conferences and exhibitions 

We're just building this website, there will be spelling mistakes and sentences that make little sense. I'll get around to fixing that shortly.

But now your here please stay and have a look around, if you have any questions give us a shout.

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VGA recording laptops to record your next conference.  Available now. Click Here

Dell i5 Laptops

Dell i5 Conference Laptops
Configured for PowerPoint 2013

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