Indoor exhibition and
wireless mesh networking

Indoor Deployments

SmartWifi has significant experience in deploying Wi-Fi networks to venues, either to provide coverage where none exists or to temporally upgrade existing systems. SmartWifi's engineers have experience installing networks seamlessly within the building or event space, including building custom rigging for high density deployments on lighting truss. Large scale conference mesh networks are deployed moving 100's of gigs of data reliably through out the event.

Dedicated Speaker Presentation Networks

Managed speaker networks

Outdoor Deployments

Weatherproof, reliable mesh and fibre backbone wireless networks are critical for deployments which are going to have to face the elements. SmartWifi use access points with built in heaters heaters and custom solar powered battery packs when making temporary large scale outdoor deployments. 
Bridgining units using laser or wide band RF are installed where large quantities of data need to me moved across site.


Wifi for Buildings and Outside Events

Any size from 1 to 10,000+ concurrent users.
Specialising in temporary Wifi for hotels, conference and exhibition centres.
We also provide outdoor internet & Wifi for marinas, building sites, golf courses and caravan parks.

We love anything thats awkward and a bit of a challenge.

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