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Multi Wan Bonded internet solutions

LTE, 4g, 5g, Wifi, Fibre, Ethernet and Satellite. If it has internet on it, chances are we can bond it.


Whether you are live streaming or simply joining a Skype Conference, we can provide a more stable and reliable streaming experience.


we can prioritise webcasting data over other network traffic to minimise stuttering, buffering and disconnects. Perfect for streaming video, VoIP or video conferencing.


smartwifi can bond any combination of Internet connections and will automatically distribute your online traffic between them for optimal performance.


the unique channel bonding technology makes it possible to combine multiple Internet connections into a single faster, more reliable connection.


we use the latest encryption standards to keep your information private and deliver over twice the performance of conventional VPNs on desktops and mobile devices.

how secure?

we use a ChaCha- or AES-based encryption algorithm, depending on device support in conjunction with DTLS. 


A connection drops or WIFI turns off? Even if you’re in the middle of a webcast, our WANS will seamlessly failover to your other working Internet connection.

how do we do it?

You automatically have an internet failover solution; all you need is at least two available internet connections. Our systems come with a minimum of 3, plus we can integrate any wired or wireless venue networks and even the mobile phone in your pocket.

the price

Normally less than a basic venue internet connection at the large exhibition centres, but with tens to hundreds of times more bandwidth. 

Pop us a email

We have to quote on a job to job basis i'm afraid, there are just too many variables involved. Pop us a email and we'll be in touch.


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Zoom, Skype, Webex and Jitsi Meet love our superfast internet solutions...

about our

portable internet and bonded cellular data connections

it's best to give us a shout to discuss your specific needs as no two solutions are the same.

but just as an overview we can provide unlimited bonded 4g and 5g internet connections in just about every area in the UK, including those hard to reach hilly areas.

a bonded cellular solution can be implemented for many reasons but the two most common ones we hear are speed and redundancy. Redundancy if your internet just has to work without failure, and speed if you want to have a fast upload for webcasting or similar and a single cell or traditional internet provider can’t provide enough bandwidth.

the best bit is both solutions are covered by our single service.

Speeds we are finding range between 30Mbps in the middle of a welsh mountain where a normal mobile phone has no signal, to over 300Mbps in towns and cities in central England. Our bonded solutions are perfect for large events, public WIFI, streaming and video conference call systems.

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