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The software is just in its final testing stage, we should be ready for late spring 2020. Below are some of the key points, If you would like a demo get in touch

Far too many hours are spent collating presentations for large events, just to do it all over again when the show opens because everyone has updated their presentations. Not fun when you have 100's of speakers leaving everything to the last minute.

Our cloud-based event package removes a lot of the monotonous checking and emailing associated with the pre-production of speaker management. You can run instant reports to see who has or hasn't uploaded a file yet, send automatic reminders if they are late, and with a little bit of information the software will automatically keep you informed of all the steps from uploading to presenting.

When the application goes live you will receive a new URL for your event, this will be active until 14 days after the event has finished.

You can upload a header and footer image to carry your events branding making our software look and feel just like it’s part of your own event and not a third party application.

Best bit of all, with our presentation laptops and network in place a speaker can upload their first or updated presentation from the hotel/train/airport any time of day or night, and it will be ready to present locally on the correct laptop, in the correct theatre, labelled correctly for the event. The document will be converted to PDF. Best bit is you haven't had to do a thing, you'll get a notification the change has occurred and the new presentation is in the theatre ready to go.

At the end of the event every presentation is automatically collated in its original format and PDF ready for secure distribution if required. On the upload page the speakers have a chance to opt in/out of having their presentation distributed.

To make this work we need a little bit of information from the content organiser for each event, the simplest way for us to get this is for the organiser to fill in our 'event spreadsheet'. A minimum amount of info would be:

speaker name
presentation time
presentation date
presentation room
speakers email address

This is normally just a copy/paste from the collated speaker information used to create the show programme, but this info can also be found within the show guides or badge printing spreadsheets. If you have trouble collating the info send what you can to us and our staff will fill the event spreadsheet in.

We use the event spreadsheet to create unique ID's to allow uploads from the speaker’s own devices. The more info added to the event spreadsheet the better, and the more you will get out of the software by automating those repetitive jobs.

We would also like a few graphics to brand your upload page, but again if you have an event website we can grab some images from that to keep the same theme. 

That’s probably the easiest bit, as we do it all for you.

Pop us the 'event spreadsheet' back and we will create the online event database, add the header and footer graphics, add your designated email address for receiving the speaker updates.

Finally we'll send you your account username and password.
With this you can login to the control panel and run reports on who has/hasn't uploaded their presentation, what information is kept on each speaker and make changes to the speaker information like change day or theatre, you can also add replacement speakers for current sessions or add completely new theatres and speakers.

The application has preformatted emails for speakers and reports, these can be edited.

A custom application URL will be created just for your event.

It's a manual process for us to activate each event application but as a time guide once the spreadsheet is filled in the application will be live within 48hours. The 48hour delay is out of our control and is just the hosting DNS servers updating the new URL.

Right so, we've set the application up, we have received all the current show information in a usable 'event spreadsheet' and the database is up and populated. We are ready to go.

First thing is to email all the speakers a welcome email with their upload information contained within. To do this just click 'email all speakers' to send each speaker in the database an email with their unique speaker ID and a link to upload their presentation.

When the link is clicked and the ID is input the speaker will be presented with all of their information for the allocated speaking slot including time/date/theatre and optionally session title, contact details, ability to update their email address, the choice to opt in/out of allowing the presentation to be distributed after the event.

All they have to do is tick a few boxes and browse to the presentation file, upload and continue.

The speaker will get a email confirmation that the presentation has been received, the presentation will be renamed into something usable that makes sense for the show and the AV technician in the room, and the organiser will get a notification email that the speaker has uploaded their file.

They can do this as many times as they like, when they like and upload whatever they like if its relevant to their speaking slot. Full help videos will be available covering the process which will be found on the front page of your event application.

If a speaker hasn't uploaded by a predetermined time before the event starts the application automatically emails all speakers that haven’t uploaded anything yet. Authorised users can log into the control panel and prompt individual speakers via email at any time.  

First day of your live event and depending how you are using the software will decide what actually happens. There are 2 options here depending on how involved we are. Option 1 is you receive the files from us into a synchronised folder, option 2 is you have laptops and a distribution network from us which is our preferred method as it’s what we do.

Option 1:

Before the event we will ask you to create a synchronised live folder, our favourites here are Dropbox and Google Drive accounts. Ideally do this on a laptop that you can take to site during the event and whenever a speaker updates their presentation the fully renamed file will appear live in the synchronised folder. You can distribute this any which way you normally do.

Option 2:

A very similar start, before the event we will ask you to create a synchronised live folder, our favourites here are Dropbox and Google Drive accounts. Ideally do this on a laptop that you can take to site during the event but this is where the similarities stop and we do what we do best.

Because we are using our presentation laptops and network, we can automate a lot more functions with it. A distribution server will be onsite setup to push the presentation files to each theatre’s laptop, when the presentation automatically downloads the sync process starts and our server knows which theatre to send the file to. In theatre 1 for example you will only receive theatre 1 presentations, theatre 2 will only receive theatre 2 presentations. On top of this only the very latest version of each speakers presentation will actually be sent to a theatre, you can’t make a mistake by presenting an old copy or the make the wrong choice between 2/3/4 updates as only the latest version will be on the theatre laptop.

At the end of the event all the presentations that are allowed to be distributed will be converted into PDF's and the sync server will upload them in to the Dropbox or Google account folder fully organised by theatre > day > time > speaker order making it simple to archive or upload to distribute.

After the event we will hold a copy of all the data for 14 days to make sure you have everything you need then the server will be securely wiped. If we get confirmation earlier than 14 days, we will wipe the server earlier.

The event application will also be active for 14 days after the event allowing you time to retrieve any reports you need before the database is purged.

Our access to your live synchronised folders will be removed after 14 days or earlier if possible.

All event laptops have their presentations deleted before leaving site, and are re-imaged within 24 hours when returned ready for the next event.

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