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streaming webinars/webex/skype/microsoft teams/multi participant conference calls

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Webcasting is the process of video broadcasting live events over the internet. This technology operates in real-time and allows large audience anywhere in the world on any internet connected device to watch a live stream of your event.

We can interface with your own conference or meeting equipment or provide everything needed to produce the live broadcast. Your viewers will have a transcoded stream, this just means they will get the best viewing experience possible depending on their internet speed and what device they choose to view the broadcast on.

Live chat and viewing statistics are available as well as Video on Demand for anyone who missed it the first time around 


video calls and remote market research 

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video conferencing

Different to webcasting is video conferencing. This is similar to a remote meeting where you bring one or many locations together for a virtual meeting. Each location can see and hear the other active locations giving everyone an opportunity to be engaged.

we control which camera and who is live at any time, and each VC user will see the main mix which can also be webcast.

You won’t need special hardware to make this work, you can use a laptop or mobile phone but for a better, clearer video call we provide easy to install remote cameras which are get posted out to the appropriate location and returned afterwards.  


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